A new tool SiteAnalyzer SEO Tools has been released. It free browser extension for analyzing content and errors on a website for Chrome and Firefox...


Restored parsing of Google search engine results.


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.9 has been released. It adds the ability to import an URL list into a project, duplicate projects, export a site structure to a MindMap, and create a graph of a site...


New free tool – Proxy Checker, that mass analysis of IPv4 and IPv6 proxy list for availability, as well as getting response time in milliseconds...


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.8 has been released. In this version we've added scrolling when selecting cells with the mouse, fixed bugs in the Dashboard tab, connected proxies now work globally in the whole program...


For Google and Yandex search engines, we added the display of the number of found results (now you can also get the number of site pages in the index by the "site:" operator).


Restored parsing of Google search engine results.


We canceled subscriptions and switched to a more convenient and affordable pricing mode when working with the SERPRiver API - now you can top up your account balance at any time, while using the API, money will be debited from your balance in proportion to the tariffs each time you access the API.


Website translated to French language.


We have add affiliate program, which you can help receive 1000 limits per month for free and use them fully. See details on the Affiliate Program page >>


Added documentation for working with the API for the Bing search engine.


Added documentation for working with the API for the search engines Google and Yandex.


Website translated into German and Russian.


Domain SerpRiver.com was registered, SerpRiver website was created and filled with minimal information to launch MVP.